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People – Marie Curie Action

Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)

Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF


Marie Curie IEF Fellow:

Dr. Maria Emanuela Alberti


Scientist in Charge:

Prof. John Bennet


The nature and organisation

of the Mycenaean citadels

"Je ne souhaite pas discuter ici l’organisation de l’agglomération de Mycènes, mais sa nature même. (Darcque 2005b, 27) »

What was the nature of the main Mycenaean settlements? Were they normal towns with common dwellings or palatial organisms for the administration of a wider territory?


These are the questions raised by the most recent scholarship that the project answers.

The critical review of the material and textual evidence from the two main Mycenaean sites of Thebes and Mycenae allows a reconstruction of the global economic and functional organisation of the two sites

In the framework of the long-standing debate on the structure of the Mycenaean economy (Greece, c. 1400 – 1200 BC) (e.g. Killen & Voutsaki 2001; Rougemont 2009; Galaty et alii 2011; Parkinson et alii 2013), the program aims to study the economic organisation of the Mycenaean citadels as a whole, with special focus of the recently identified “Intermediate Units” (Darcque 2005).

An integrated approach is used, combining the evidence from both archaeological documentation and written sources of the period (Linear B texts). The intent is to overcome the traditional divide between studies that deal separately with the archaeological evidence or with the administrative texts.

Mycenae: Circle A and 'Ivory Houses' from the citadel

(photo M.E. Alberti)

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